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In Glorious Technicolor!

Please pardon our dust while we fix the place up for Season 2!


The Technicolor OCT is an R rated homage to the early days of cartoon animation from the 50s and prior. The setting and characters, though cartoony and cute, are gritty and dirty. Think of it as a big mix of Roger Rabbit, Cool World, and 1930s Rubberhose animations.

There will be crude, inappropriate, offensive humor. But don't take it seriously.

These toons are a product of their time.

It does not and should not reflect the thoughts and opinions of the artists themselves.

This OCT is largely experimental and we try to shake the current OCT meta just a tiny bit! If you're not okay with this, it's probably best to find other pastures.

By joining or following this OCT you acknowledge having read and understood this disclaimer.


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If you have any questions that are not answered here already, please leave a comment or a note and we'll be happy to respond!
Updated 10/20/2017

:bulletblack: Why the 'R' Rating?
Early cartoons were never made with children in mind. In fact, quite the opposite - most were tailored specifically for adults. Tex Avery, Looney Tunes, Betty Boop, Felix - they all had a lot of adult content that would be considered inappropriate for children today, which is why a lot of them are censored or edited for a modern audience, who are much younger than the originally intended. Tex Avery, for example, specifically made shorts like 'Red Hot Riding Hood' for military men. It was never uncommon to see smoking, boozing, sex, and inappropriate behavior in these old shorts, and that's what we're paying homage to here.

However, it is not an excuse to be mindlessly offensive either. Try to keep it classy, folks (and within DA policy of course!)

You are in no way obligated to make your entries rated R either. <3

This also does not give you liability to be malicious towards a person or people. We will have 0 tolerance with this, and if it becomes a problem we will remove you immediately.

:bulletblack: Can I only use the 'rubberhose' or retro cartoon style?
It's preferable - whatever would fit in the time period from 1950 or prior. Don't worry if you can't get it perfect - as long as we get a feel of that era, you should be fine.

:bulletblack: What format can submissions be in?
Comics only! Flash/motion comics are also fine. Yes we realize the irony of having a comics-only competition for an animation themed OCT, but we would like to keep the playing field as level as possible! Not many people submit animated entries, regardless, so this shouldn't be a problem.

:bulletblack: May I enter with more than one character or with a partner?
Yes yes yes! Though we ask there are no more than 2 chars (whether you are entering alone or with a partner) in any team.

:bulletblack: Are spectator entries allowed?
Oh my yes.

:bulletblack:How long must our auditions/entries be?
We will have a template and a maximum page count using the page formatting for a few reasons. It will hopefully keep auditioners from being overwhelmed by feeling obligated to make very long entries as well as for the sake of the judges. Templates and page count maximum will be decided shortly. Keep an eye out!

:bulletblack:What are you looking for in our rounds?
Above everything, good story/storytelling. Just because the OCT is rated 'R' does not mean being as raunchy and as offensive as possible will win you any extra points with the judges. If you are going to use it, let it be with a reason that contributes and enhances your story.

:bulletblack:How true to the time period (20s-50s) should I be?
Keep the time period in mind, for sure. We would like to see everyone stay as true to it as they can, but we understand there will be some 'give' here and there. Generally, we are just looking for a well thought out story.

:bulletblack:What are you looking for? (pt2)
Above all else, story! Story is the most important. Tell us about your character, and why we should care about them/their stories. Second to that will be effort (how much work did you put in?), technical/readability (if we don't know whats going on at any one point of your entries, you lose out on story too! We won't know what you're trying to tell us), and prompt (how well did you follow the theme given?). (Hint: Just because you have 2343252 pages doesn't mean you have a good story. Don't confuse quantity for quality)

:bulletblack:Do my characters have to be from a show?
Considering the nature of the OCT.. yes! A show, a cereal commercial, a PSA.. whatever could have been animated and on-air or in film.

:bulletblack:Is the same reference template being used?
No, we'll be releasing a new one when Auditions start, but it will be similar in design as the old one.

:bulletblack:Will there be round prompts like last season? Will these be mandatory or optional?
Yes, and it's TBA whether or not they will be mandatory just yet... If they are required, they'll remain fairly simple like last season (ex. a 'silent' round, a round with a slapstick gag, etc. Not super detailed of a prompt). Mostly each round, like last season, will pay homage to something common in animation in that era.
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