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In Glorious Technicolor!

Hmm..reception is bad right now. The show should start soon though.


The Technicolor OCT is an R rated homage to the early days of cartoon animation from the 50s and prior. The setting and characters, though cartoony and cute, are gritty and dirty. Think of it as a big mix of Roger Rabbit, Cool World, and 1930s Rubberhose animations.

There will be crude, inappropriate, offensive humor. But don't take it seriously.

These toons are a product of their time.

It does not and should not reflect the thoughts and opinions of the artists themselves.

This OCT is largely experimental and we try to shake the current OCT meta just a tiny bit! If you're not okay with this, it's probably best to find other pastures.

By joining or following this OCT you acknowledge having read and understood this disclaimer.



Welcome to the Metropolis!

The greatest modern city a toon could ask for, Metropolis is home to the best and brightest on television. Run by the fair Mayor Battsie, Metropolis is considered *the* central hub for all toons looking to call themselves stars. And stars, times are a-changin’!

Gone are the days of debauchery and boozing! The passing of The Hays Code has changed television as we know it, and all those wild and wacky toons are going to have to clean up their act! Vying for a spot on Prime Time, Toons from near and far are lining up to pitch their shows to Mayor Battsie and the Clean Team - a cabinet of advisors who interpret what is or is not appropriate to place on television, as well as little Johnny - the test audience!


The Metropolis is the advent of the future for toons; fixed with modern technologies and thinking, it’s a bustling city filled with opportunity. Pristine and perfect, it’s a world away from the dirty and corrupt town that Babbit once ran. And what a crazy broad that was- making ink from recycled toons is an insane notion. Color is available for everyone- even the toons who have decided to stay old school don’t have issues staying on air. After all, not everyone even owns a color TV! In fact, no one has an issue fading away into obscurity. The only thing you have to worry about in the Metropolis is complying with the Hays Code, because if you don’t, you get fed into..


You’re not sure how it gets done, but sometimes you notice a neighboring toon disappear for a day or so. When they return, they are… perfectly normal! Even when they were never like that before. It’s strange, but you figure it’s part of Mayor Battsie’s administration. The Metropolis is a forward-thinking sort of place, so it can’t be bad, right?


Saturday is Little Johnny’s favorite day of the week, because he can finally sit down and watch cartoons! Mom and Dad say he should go outside and play, so his time is very valuable. As a citizen in the Metropolis, your only goal is to make sure you can entertain Little Johnny in a way that won’t get him in trouble with Mom and Dad! Because, if you get him into trouble with Mom and Dad…

It’s curtains for you, pal! Welcome to the Technicolor Tournament!
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